We are an engineering office specialized in design of aerodynamic propulsion systems and drives.
Our mission is to design and build modern and quiet air-cushion vehicles.
Most of the currently available small hovercraft is based on a simple but obsolete, low efficient and very loud drives.
Our latest light hovercraft Airslide H37T with Toyota engine made its debut in 2014.
This machine was designed to apply professional, commercial, and for
customers who value reliability and durability.

Reliable and economical four stroke engine with electronic fuel injection.

Very stable and safe thanks to permanently pressurized ring with 700 kg displacement.

Passengers cabin for 3 adult persons ( In-Line ), separated from engine compartment.

Smooth ride over the surface of water with no concern for depth or hidden obstacles.

Safety around swimmers and water skiers .

Separated fans for lift and thrust.

   The most important question BEFORE you buy a hovercraft
Almost all manufacturers of small hovercrafts describe their machines using various parameters like engine power, fan diameter, maximum payload and so on. All these information are very useful but say nothing about one of the most important ability of hovercraft - the ability to start from water with full load. This ability is described by two parameters: TOH-1 (time over hump with pilot only) and TOH-MAX (time over hump with full load). During normal water operation a hovercraft rides on top of the water surface rather than in the water. When starting up from a stop on water, a hovercraft transitions from displacement mode (the air cushion generates a “soft” depression in the water – rather than the damaging “hard” depression caused by a displacement boat) to full hover mode (flying above the surface) at a speed known as "hump speed"
(usually around 18-20 km/h for most craft).
  This effect does not occur when travelling from land onto water. Hovercrafts are machines for activities on water or in mixed mode-land and water. All another technical parameters can be wonderful but if your hovercraft can't start from water with full load nothing can help you!- design, engine, fan diameter,
all these information are in this case useless.
   So if you have decided to buy a hovercraft ask the dealer about video with full start sequence from velocity 0 km/h (after engine was stopped for minimum 5s!) to the velocity of minimum 30 km/h. Why we should to examine time for increasing the velocity to 30 km/h?. It's sometimes difficult to recognize exactly the time point of transition from displacement mode to full hover mode. If the hovercraft can achieve 30 km/h we can be sure that it is “over hump”.
   The second, but not so critical parameter is the ability achieving a maximum declared speed.

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